Brewing restaurant “Naturlich” in Kabardinka has been opened since June 15, 2013. For just a bit more than half a year the restaurant has acquired quite a few frequent customers – connoisseurs of freshly-brewed “Schwarzmeer” beer, nourishing dishes, mouth-watering appetizers, and comfortable atmosphere.

Though the restaurant is located at a distance from popular promenade routes – not on the front, not in the centre, and even not in town – summer tourists gave themselves the trouble to come, and in autumn regular customers come from neighbouring towns – from Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, and even from Krasnodar.

German-style framework building with sloping roof is located at the forest edge. The air is tasty hear. In fair summer weather it is pleasant to seat on the terrace equipped with rattan furniture. If the weather let you down you can admire splendid prospects over mountains by through panoramic windows of the restaurant.

Restaurant room has an area of almost 200 square meters and 100 seats, however, as it was found during close of motorcycle season 2013 by Blacksmith’s MC club, the restaurant is able to seat up to 300 guests at a time. The restaurant is a great place for concerts and entertainments. It was proved by our own two-week beer festival Septemberfest 2013.

Restaurant’s interior is favourable for comfort communication and rest. Everyone will find hear a place to his liking – one can fall into custom armchair, fence himself off the main room and sit on sofas facing one another, carry out negotiation at a table with ascetic leather chairs, occupy a big wooden table with benches by a noisy company, or hold a heart-to-heart talk at the bar.

By the way, copper tanks beyond the bar are not a showcase. Brewery rooms adjoin the restaurant hall. Right now we are brewing the beer, which you will be able to taste soon! Our special offer for drivers: any of four kinds of beer you can take away and enjoy it at home when there will be no need to be at the driver’s seat. People who love to make their photos in mirrors will be also thrilled. We offer match broadcasts on big screens for fans, romantic background music for lovers. We offer friendly staff and “Schwarzmeer” bear straight from tanks for everybody!